Illuminated Signage

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At Achurch Signs and Designs, we specialize in illuminated signage. Whether your project requires, a simple light box type sign, or something more intricate, we can cater for your wishes. We manufacture, in-house, light box signs, individual fabricated 3d Illuminated letters, Intra-cut type sign and neon signs to mention a few.


We can use your choice of fluorescent lighting. LED lighting or Neon tubing to create the best look for your project. Not sure how best to create the sign idea you have in your head? Then discuss it with us and we can show you how it can be done. Give your sign depth and perspective with 3D signage either cut from solid substrates up to 30mm deep, or fabricated to a depth of your liking, or try a Fabricated acrylic sign, perfect for illumination, can be used with LED or neon.


Neon tubing to backlight your signs or accentuate letters, or lettering and logos out of neon, it’s all up to what you prefer, and we can do it all right here. Check out or store to have a look at standard sized light boxes, with acrylic faces you can order online right now to be used under awning, or for something cool to keep it your room. At Achurch Signs and Designs we specialize in Illuminated signage. Fabricated, Intracut, Backlit, LED, Neon or Fluorescents, we have it all.



Under Awning Lightbox


Manufactured using solid Aluminium Extrusion, with internal illumination. Check out our store for standard sizes to buy online now. Or enquire about a size to suit your needs.


Contact us today and our friendly staff with ensure your project, becomes a reality!


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